Dear Asshole On The Internet..

You are an anonymous troll that I have never met and probably never will.

You hide on the internet, spending days if not years, abusing others and treating them like shit.

You may have been hurt pretty badly and your past is probably filled with quite a lot of pain.

Perhaps you think taking your hurt out on me will make it all magically go away?

What I do know is this; you are not a happy soul and it is not my job to be your punching bag.

It is not my job to forgive so I will not even grant you that.

This is because I am (at the end of the day) far (far!) greater than you will ever be – even if I end up failing at everything I try.

At least I had the bravery to try. At least I didn’t throw my life away tearing down those who had the bravery to try.

So, pathetic person online, come tell me now; “what exactly is it that you have going for you?”



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Hesham Mashhour

Cambridge Graduate. I write about #health #medicine and will occasionally share my thoughts about the latest #music and trash coming out of #Netflix