A 21 year old university student, Eloise Parry, was pronounced dead in April 2015 after having taken eight pills of the dangerous fat burner 2,4-dinitrophenol, or DNP.

At the inquest into her death, it became clear that Eloise had no intention to die but was struggling with a serious and untreated eating disorder.

Despite knowing the risks involved, that DNP could easily kill you, Eloise ordered the toxic pesticide anyway from an online vendor based in London, Dr Muscle Pharmaceuticals.

Dr Muscle Pharmaceuticals has since been taken down by UK government agencies. This, however, did not seem to resolve…

So this happened today..

I got permanently banned from r/feminism

Why? No, it’s not what you think..

I didn’t say anything misogynistic or sexist. I wasn’t rude to any of the members and didn’t make any sarcastic or belittling remarks. My contributions to r/feminism were 100% “micro aggression-free.”

What happened then?

I made a completely innocent remark.. that Republicans in the United States who were upset about Afghani women being granted refugee states were in fact only upset because they might end up seeing a few extra headscarfs around – and that it was their Islamophobia that was speaking and not their common sense/sense of humanity.


Wow. Let’s ignore all the bad writing, terribly cliche storylines and extremely tired tropes for a minute – and – focus on the show’s protagonist, Billie (Sarah Shahi).

Billie is thoroughly infuriating.

I spent the longest time trying to decide if Sarah Shahi who plays Billie in Sex/Life was, in fact, a terrible actress. In all honesty, it’s impossible to tell and it’s a pointless argument to have. Billie’s character only reveals two emotions over the course of the show’s eight episodes.

She’s clearly meant to be fierce and wilful but I suppose the writers were too lazy to write that into their show.

Biogen’s Aducanumab (shelf name: Aduhelm) is the first Alzheimer’s drug to be approved by the FDA in 20 years.


At the time of its approval, many (including myself) expected the news to be greeted with celebration – perhaps a small victory against a truly devastating disease that affects over 6 million Americans today.

This article is about the subreddit r/AmITheAsshole where hundreds of users everyday share their personal stories and life/relationship problems. They then await judgement from other users who can then deem them as being “You The Asshole” “Not The Asshole” or “Everyone Sucks Here.”

Have you ever found it weird that over 90% of the people posting on r/AmITheAsshole are found (almost unanimously) to be “Not The Asshole”?

That in over 90% of cases it’s other people in the OP’s life that are to blame for starting drama, arguments and trouble?

It’s Almost Never The OP

Exactly, how likely is that.. statistically?

The truth is it’s…

Dear Asshole On The Internet..

You are an anonymous troll that I have never met and probably never will.

You hide on the internet, spending days if not years, abusing others and treating them like shit.

You may have been hurt pretty badly and your past is probably filled with quite a lot of pain.

Perhaps you think taking your hurt out on me will make it all magically go away?

What I do know is this; you are not a happy soul and it is not my job to be your punching bag.

It is not my job to forgive so I will not

Here’s a bit of personal background for you..

I got COVID towards the end of last year, sometime in October 2020 and though I was lucky enough to make a full recovery; for the next several months I was left with this unnerving brain fog I just could not shake.

The best way I could describe it is that.. I just didn’t feel as sharp as I previously had been or was used to being. Let me put it this way..

If you’re someone who needs prescription glasses; it would be a bit like you taking these prescription glasses…

If you’re over a certain age then you probably will be a little surprised, maybe even saddened, to hear that a vital part of your brain shrinks a little every year.

The hippocampus, central to your ability to remember information and learn new amazing things, shrinks by about 1–2% each year.

And that’s if you’re completely healthy. But it doesn’t just stop there.

Middle aged people experience a progressive decline in blood flow to the brain — so much so that by the time you’ve reached your golden years you can expect to find 30% less blood reaching your…

Today I want to talk to you about chronic stress and how chronic stress affects your brain; impairing attention, memory and decision making.

It’s a pretty stressful time that we find ourselves living in. Everyone I speak to is stressed about one thing or another and with the pandemic coming to a close and people going to back to work — this feels like the perfect time to tackle this thorny subject.

I don’t think I know anyone who is the best version of themselves while they are stressed and today I’ll be explaining exactly why that’s the case.

In one of my very first YouTube videos, I discussed why men (contrary to what they may think), were in fact, the weaker sex — being more vulnerable to infection than women; with weaker immune systems that were less able to fight pathogens and disease.

It appears that this vulnerability also extends to autism with boys being up to four times more likely to be affected by autism than girls are.

If you’re anything like me you might find that pretty odd and you’re probably already wondering why autism has this weird gender preference..

One of the most popular…

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